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AA Rano Terminal

AA Rano Terminal

AA Rano Terminal

Exemplary Quality, Safety, and Credibility at AA Rano’s White Petroleum Terminal – Pioneering Tank Farm Management for Seamless Operations

The AA Rano terminal was licensed in April 2014, the bounded White Petroleum products terminal is designed to receive vessels, store products and dis- tribute via trucking across the Nigeria states. Transparent processes with our tank farm management system (TMS) Our tank farm management system (TMS) is an integrated system, providing all functionality required for tank farm automation and management from oil or gas transfer-in, to storage and transfer-out.

Our state of the art Automated Tank Farm enables cost-effective, flexible, and open process execution, monitoring, and reliable data processing – throughout the entire tank farm or terminal across all its processes. Loading Gantry: with 5 loading bays, 10 Loading Arms smith meters fitted with Accuload III. Net. Dispatch: Fully integrated automated dispatch with 5 minutes documentation timeline per transaction.

Accuload System: to ensure accuracy, precision, efficiency, safety of distribution process, reliable truck loading and 100% reduction in customer downtime, the company has an Accuload system on each of the loading bay. Equally Rano Gaz, commissioned and licensed April 2022 is a fully automated Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) terminal located at Ijegun Water Side Lagos. The terminal is designed to receive LPG Cargo, safely store the product and distribute LPG via trucking. The Integrated process control allows for seamless operations through our tank monitoring system, truck loading & unloading system, alarm parameter set, access control IC–card system, gas leak and emergency response system from the central control room.

The terminal have the capacity of 10,000m3, we have two LPG Spherical tanks of 54mm thick and 5,000m3 capacity each. Our instrumentation and process automation ensures LPG is being stored within safe and stable limits with 24/7 monitoring capability.


Our benefits

The White Petroleum Products Terminal – Unleashing a Spectrum of Benefits to Drive Seamless Operations and Productivity.