AARANO Nigeria Limited

Prominent in Nigerian Oil & Gas

AARano Nigeria operates as a comprehensive oil and gas company involved in wholesale and retail distribution of PMS, DPK, AGO, LPG, and lubricants, as well as storage, haulage, oil exploration, lifting, and trading of petroleum products. With an extensive fleet of over 600 trucks and 115 retail outlets nationwide, we are expanding our network to offer consumers top-quality products at competitive prices. As part of our strategic expansion, we have acquired a vessel, established a 56-million-litre tank farm, and are currently constructing a 20,000-metric-ton LPG plant in Lagos, Nigeria.


       (AARano Group Chairman/CEO)

Premier industrial solutions.

We showcases our commitment to delivering top-tier services in the industrial sector.

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Crafting Excellence in Aviation

Focused on offering world class aviation services

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Nourishing Lives, Milling Perfection

We prioritize excellence in the milling process for a wholesome dining experience.

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What We’re Offering

Delivering solutions for every type.

Rano Agro Chemicals

Innovative solutions for thriving crops and sustainable farming.

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Rano Lubricant

At our engine lubricant factory, innovation meets precision.

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Rano Rice Mill

From farm to table, each grain embodies excellence.

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Rano Air

Our airplanes soar beyond boundaries, connecting dreams and destinations

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AA Rano Oil

Fueling Progress, Powering Tomorrow, we drive innovation in energy solutions.

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Rano Gaz

Our gas company is committed to providing reliable, sustainable solutions.

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Lausu Maritme & Logistics

Setting Maritime Excellence: Upholding Unparalleled Standards in Quality, Safety, and Credibility

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AA Rano Terminal

The White Petroleum Products Terminal - Unleashing a Spectrum of Benefits to Drive Seamless Operations and Productivity

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AA Rano Haulage

Another subsidiary of the AA Rano industries is the AA Rano haulage company.

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Affordable, Quality, and Exceptional Services